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FBY-TRC30 Series of Auto Tie Rod End Press-fit Plane Hydraulic Press Machine

Product Feature

1.C Shape polar design. The body has been heat processed in high temperature, therefore, it has good rigidity and little transformation.

2.The PLC control is adopted to make sure that process speed, pressure and time can be freely set on screen with main axis precise position and good reliability.

3.The full oil hydraulic systemis adopted to provide remarkable pressure, stable performance, high precision and wide adjusting range.

4.The pressure detecting range can be set to check if the press fitting product is qualified or not. The over-pressure or pressure shortage during press fitting will trigger warning and stop the machine automatically.

5.Safe Design: it adoptsdoublehand operation mode, whilethe emergency stop and slight moving function are well equipped.

6.The upper mould can be moved aside while it’s not working. It’s suitable for installing ball headed rod and other rod style parts.

7.There is a head cylinder under the platform with adjustable heading time. It can serve for material installation and uninstallation.

8.The downward speed of main axis can be set to fast-moving and pressure-increasing mode. The fast-moving mode can improve working efficiency while the mode can be adjusted to improve the press fitting quality for the sake of protecting mould and product.

9.The product offers start button and foot-on button to start circulation.

10.The sealing components adopts NOK in Japan and Dingji Group in Taiwan, while the hydraulic components are famous brands from Taiwan.

11.The product is equippedwith torque detector to test the riveting quality of ball headed components.

12.Failure warning, pre-diagnosis, fault diagnosis function (optional).



Technical Parameters

The specific technical data, Please contact our staff of the company