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FBY-KC-P Series of CNC Single-column Hydraulic Press Machine

Product Feature

1.The C-body design, whole body casting,stable performance, use small space and easy to operate.

2.With PLC control,easy programming process control action,positioning accuracy, high precision.

3.Equipped with pressure sensors,displays the actual pressure,pressure range can be set to detect the product is qualified or not.

4.Safety designed,using both hands to operate,with emergency stop button and jog up and down function.

5.Key and Foot switch two cycle start modes.

6.Control mode can change according to customers requirements.

7.With a filling valve,have a high speed.

8.Widely used in parts of the press forming, stretching,bending,punching, stamping, shaft alignment and press-fit etc.

9.lnfrared protection,under cylinder,and Pressure sensor can be configured(Optional).

10.Failure warning, pre-diagnosis, fault diagnosis function (optional).



Technical Parameters

The specific technical data, Please contact our staff of the company